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  1. Hi, I am planning to visit Serbia for about 15 days in June. The primary purpose is attending a conference in the University of Belgrade during 10-12 June. Want to stay for 2 more days in Belgrade and want to visit other touristic places in Serbia in the other 10 days. Can you suggest a travel plan and places that could be covered? I love nature and would love to visit mountains like Zlatibor/ Mocra gora/ Tara; again I would loke to see cities like Novi sad, Sombor, Sremisky and Zrenjanin. The Golubac monastry and Iron gates also appear beautiful, as do Zajecar/ Sokobanja in the east or Vucje / Nis in South; again Vlajevo / Kragujevac in central- there are so many options avalable in Google search that I am puzzled. Probably, I will make a 3-4 days trip in the North, keep 4-5 days for Belgrade, 1-2 days for Golubac and Iron gates and keep the other 3-4 days for south. I would prefer cheap accommodation and public transport where ever possible (however, if a car can save time and allows visit to more places in a day, that can be tried if it permits the pocket- salaries in India are not upto European standards- so, you can imagine what I want to say). Would need some suggestions and friends from Serbia. Prithwiraj