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  1. Hi guys! First of all, you don't know how much I was happy to discover a travel community that is mainly based in the Balkans! Even if it's not all translate, I found so much information yet, and the travel house seemed really nice So there I am: I'm making the classic year gap of travelling in between my studies, in arts and human sciences. No long-term visa, no return ticket, almost no cash, but fully-convinced there's a way to make it, with creativity and good preparation! There's so much beautiful people out there, so much great things to see, so I'll give it a try Without long-term Schengen visa, I have to exile for a while, but that's just a way to keep moving on and travel! I'm coming to Athens in a week, will stay there for a week by a nice CS host who seems full of ressources and I'll check what's the best option for what's coming up next. I was thinking about making my choice only then, because I wanted to talk first to locals or people who knew better the Balkans; web posts are sometimes just not enough, too general. So I'm asking you where to start, what and where are the good plans for me! I'm open and curious for any country not in the Schengen zone. I prefer to keep on moving and discovering, but I have plenty of time and can easily stay in a place in between 5 days to 3-4 weeks.I really have to think about making some money for living. Volunteering and receiving shelter and food is totally nice, but I still want to go around and to enjoy life. There's also my basics fees, like credits for phone, insurances and payment of my student debt! I love both wild country sides and cities, I want to explore beautiful landscapes, to visit cultural and historical sites, to enjoy local life, to discover nice people.As you see, it's open, so your ideas/contacts are welcome, and also any advice, must-know about travelling in the Balkans, social facts, etc. Thank you! Camille-A