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  1. Mira1990

    Visa Overstay Fines - Updates?

    Im eu (maltese) but had to travel trough italy and macedonia as we has some complications bcz of my husband, i be showing passport as of my son they will still notice and marriage papers im hoping i just dont get some harsh ban 😥 thanks for your time
  2. Mira1990

    Visa Overstay Fines - Updates?

    I entered by passport trough out macedonia and i have a stamp on the entry of R.S , i really appreciate that both have replayed as i made all night searching 😂 I didnt know i could show i.d as non e.u i will try the idea by showing i.d but then i have another problem as i have my son with me aa for now he only have passport with stamp he's just 1 year and half. I will be trying to explain my story and show my marraige papers along with my translated ones with appostile 😏 wish me luck i need it lol
  3. Mira1990

    Visa Overstay Fines - Updates?

    Someone maybe can help me i have my flight in 4 days and im worried I am an eu citizen and i came in serbia with my serbian boyfriend on my 86th day i got married while here, and now im leaving in 4days and i will be overstayed for 12 days total i didnt know there is the 90days law especially if we marry what can be my penalty and what to expect im leaving from belgrade Many thanks