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Will be visiting Serbia in June: suggestions needed

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I am planning to visit Serbia for about 15 days in June. The primary purpose is attending a conference in the University of Belgrade during 10-12 June. Want to stay for 2 more days in Belgrade and want to visit other touristic places in Serbia in the other 10 days. 

Can you suggest a travel plan and places that could be covered? I love nature and would love to visit mountains like Zlatibor/ Mocra gora/ Tara; again I would loke to see cities like Novi sad, Sombor, Sremisky and Zrenjanin. The Golubac monastry and Iron gates also appear beautiful, as do Zajecar/ Sokobanja in the east or Vucje / Nis in South; again Vlajevo / Kragujevac in central- there are so many options avalable in Google search that I am puzzled.

Probably, I will make a 3-4 days trip in the North, keep 4-5 days for Belgrade, 1-2 days for Golubac and Iron gates and keep the other 3-4 days for south.

I would prefer cheap accommodation and public transport where ever possible (however, if a car can save time and allows visit to more places in a day, that can be tried if it permits the pocket- salaries in India are not upto European standards- so, you can imagine what I want to say).

Would need some suggestions and friends from Serbia.


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As for East and South, I suggest route Belgrade - Grocka - Smederevo - Požarevac - Viminacium near Kostolac - Ram - Veliko Gradište - Golubac fortress - Iron Gate - Kladovo - Negotin - Zaječar - Knjaževac - Pirot - Sićevo - Niš . You mostly have buses and a lot of houses that are renting rooms in this area near the Danube river. 

Try this site:

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And here's a tip from the North: the essential cities to visit are probably Subotica and Novi Sad (including Sremski Karlovci and maybe some monasteries and wineries of Fruška Gora), there are many other cute towns, like the ones you mentioned, but if you only have 10 days for the whole country I think this is the easiest and most rewarding option (you could even hop on an early bus from Belgrade to Subotica, be there for lunch and a nice afternoon stroll and then get to Novi Sad on the evening of the same day).

As a general rule of thumb: trains are always a couple of euros cheaper than buses, but also much slower. If you are in a tight schedule sometimes it's worth taking the bus.

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