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  1. Well, after reading what Duya posted, and the links, Bulgaria dosent looks like a nice option. Maybe some comination between option 2 and 3? Like going south of Serbia, and then cross to Albania maybe? or Macedonia?? Or this is also with high mountains? Thanks a lot for thaking your time to help me! Joaquin
  2. Hahaha yes, thats me. Maybe not info about pets, but maybe info about where I'm going to find more hills or mountains, more lakes and rivers and nore forests. That info can help me a lot. Thanks
  3. Hi people! Im new here. My name is Joaquin, and Im a bike traveler from Chile. I have been the last 4 months in Serbia, and Im planing to leave in march. My final destination is Turkey, but im not sure of what route I should take. I have 3 options: 1- Follow the Danube until the black sea, and then head south through Bulgaria until Turkey. 2- Head south through Serbia, and the cross to Bulgaria and Turkey. 3- Go to the west, maybe go to Bosnia and then head south, maybe by the coast till Greece, and then Turkey. So what may be problematic is that Im traveling with a puppie, so I dont know how