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  1. Hi Severac, thanks for your help on this! I have enough information to get me over to Belgrade. Thank you!
  2. Hi Severac, thanks for the clarification! This is what the operator mailed back to say as well. I had completely missed the time difference. However, I am still feeling that arriving in Belgrade late at night is not the best, so I would like to figure out what operator NIŠ EKSPRES is offering. The BAS timetable (searched based on weekday) has a result with start station "Prolom Banja" (7:30), but I googled the location and it does not make sense to me that the bus drives away from Belgrade to Sofia, and then north-west back to Belgrade. Is this result ignoring the location parameters I'v
  3. Hi Rocky8, Thank you so much for your suggestion. This looks like a solid thing I could work with. I cross referenced it to the BAS Belgrade bus station website and it does show the Florentia Carrier's schedule but the departure is at 15:30? For this I've emailed the operator (with a screenshot!) and hopefully they can clarify the departure timing. Working off this schedule, there is a 7:30AM bus by NIŠ EKSPRES as well. If I do not book international bus services online, is it alright to plan to arrive at the bus station early (and how early?) and buy them on the spot? I
  4. Hi Everyone! I am looking for overland routes from Sofia to Belgrade in early October (say on the 3rd or 4th), but am stuck and need your kind advice Here's here I am in terms of research: Trains First I read this: It says in October there are no more direct train services and the alternative is to change 3 trains. However, after going to Serbian Railways website ( to confirm this solution, the first news seem to suggest that services (or part of the