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  1. If I am reading the map correctly, Hotel Park is next to Futoski Park and Exit is at "Petrovaradinska tvrdava", I'm trying to read the Serbian Language map rather than the Exit Festival English site? Just read that LTJ Bukem isn't playing, that's a pity.
  2. Cool, I think a beer would be called for, and I'll get the first "round" in as this has been the most helpful forum I have used for ages! But please, don't mention the World Cup, or Christiano Ronaldo? You could say "Your colourful English humour", but that would maybe when using, "f@@@", "S@@@" and other such words. "Color" is the US spelling, and wouldn't be the "Queens English"? Right, we fly Thursday morning, so may check back before Wednesday night for any more useful ideas. Cheers Guys Drago mi je
  3. I thought we were talking cross purposes somewhere along the line there? At this rate I will be lucky to find Heathrow? How I envy most European people. They speak their own language, and can just as easily speak to others in different languages. Then compare that with your average British person who struggles with a sign for a toilet cleaner if it's in a different language? I guess we're not all that bad.
  4. - We're getting the train from Belgrade, this isn't the same train is it.
  5. squirrellypoo, you're a star, cheers for that.
  6. Hey squirrellypoo, how goes it. Yeah, went into Reading today, and was basically told that I'd have no hope getting SD in the UK. I too am going to just rely on cards, but make sure of taking a large enough amount out each time so as to avoid the pesky charges. I don't see much point in taking Euros as "officially" they can't be used anyway. Is there much point? Oh, sorry, another question, how far is the train stop from the hotel? Well, I might as well know everything Cheers
  7. Cheers guys, thanks very much for all your advice, very much appreciated.
  8. That is for the last day But we are going to Subotica and Palic after the festival, should be good.
  9. Hvala lepo! Great information, will be very useful! We are staying at a hotel in Novi Sad (Hotel Park), but I understand it is only a short walk from the hotel to the festival (I gave up camping a long time ago ;-)). If anyone knows Novi Sad, and where the hotel is, how far away is it from Exit? Ok, cool, get some Dinar with Euro's over there, I guess Serbian Dinar are going to be in short supply in Reading, UK. Have a good summer, and to any Exit festival folks, Ziveli!
  10. Dobro veče, Kako si?, Three friends and I are heading to Novi Sad from the UK for Exit, looking forward to it? .gif' alt='::'>. There is no Glastonbury this year, so we thought it would be great to get "out there" and explore. I'm trying very hard to pick up some Serbian, so I have been on the Serbian School website. It's hard for this old dog to learn a new trick? So, a couple of quick questions. I was reading the Money section on Serbia Travellers about not using Euros, but Dinar. I guess this is still correct? Does anyone know if Dinars are available at UK Banks without notice? Also,