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  1. Thanks, that's very helpful! The Skull Tower sounds quite fascinating, although the history behind it is so tragic. I do hope I get a chance, eventually, to explore some of those harder to reach gems in Southern Serbia. Do you happen to know how often there are buses from East Sarajevo to Nish, and how long the bus ride would take? Also, do you know how much time it would take to travel from Nish to Sofia, by train or bus? I apologize for all the questions, but your help is hugely appreciated! This site has already saved me many worries! Thanks, Gabriel PS: Are you a Vonnegut fan, Bok
  2. Hello, and thanks for this wonderful and helpful site! In late August, I will be on a grand voyage from Ljubljana to Istanbul. As part of this trip, I will be traveling between Sarajevo and Sofia, Bulgaria. Unfortunately, I do not have time to go up to Belgrade or Novi Sad. Because of time constraints, I only have one day to spend in Serbia! Can anyone suggest a great place to stop and rest in Southern Serbia, between Sarajevo and Sofia? Any great national parks, villages, or cities? Is Nis the best place to stop? Note that I will be traveling by bus and train, so anywhere you suggest must