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  1. Thanks very much!! That?s the first really useful informaton and I?m glad, that you find the time to deal with such kind of questions. We?ll try to contact that refuge (and to go there of course). Unfortunately my English is too bad, but if you have some questions about Berlin, I?d be lucky to answer. Thank you, sanne
  2. Hello, we?re planning a longer trip to Serbia, two or three weeks, by train and bus, with a tent and "we" is including our little daughter. It?s not easy to get informations, especially about Southern Serbia (Stara Planina, Svrljiske planine, cemernik), where we are going to go. But your site seems to be really helpful, thanks for that! Could you give us some advices, where to go (we want to go to the mountains, be in nature)? Are there mountain homes or campingsites? Or would you rather advice another region in Serbia? Thanks a lot, sanna