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  1. Ja sam bila pre dve godine u dva kampa, jedan u Sitonijii (Armenistis, puno Grka i porodica), jedan negde kod Olimpa, zaboravila sam. Cena je bila kao sto si rekao (22 eura) i ta cena je vazila za jul i avgust, pre i posle je verovatno jeftinije. Hostel u Solunu je bio 13 eura na dan, a imao je kupatilo koje je licilo na sivi dom u kombinaciji sa psihom, ali ako ostajes duze, mozes se dogovoriti i za jeftinije, 8 eura.
  2. I got a reply from embassy in Jakarta and they only need copy of my passport, invitation letter from my friend and visa application form. And they say I can send it with email and they will send it to Ministry of interior. I am surprised there isn't any interview or additional documents needed. Interesting really. So I wonder on what basis they actually decide whether someone will get visa or no.
  3. I can't get any details about getting a visa in Serbia. I must say that Serbian embassy in Jakarta did not answer my email also. Is it hard to get a visa for Serbia? I thought it is not a big problem, but I now see a different story.
  4. Very good. I am happy to read about this, because you want to help me get my visa. Now I will try to send email to embassy and see what will happen. My friend tell me that regulations in Serbia are hard but they are not always put into practice. Maybe I will be lucky. That is a great idea bokonon! I know about hospitalityclub and it is possible that someone will help me if I cant do anything using email. Thank you and markoristic for your answers!
  5. Thanks for your quick reply markoristic. I am interested in one thing. How can I apply to an embassy in Indonesia? Do I have to come there in person ( it is very far and expensive ) or can I send passport and other documents with mail or e-mail? Thanks again for any answers
  6. Hi everyone! I want to come to visit my friend in Serbia for 1 month but I dont know what to do to get a visa. There isnt Serbian embassy in Vietnam so I am interested can I get visa on arrival? Any help and information are welcome. Thanks!! Ho Toi Kim Chi