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  1. Thanks sanjajelena! I will have to check out those hotel websites. Only concern for me is that there are lots of other food lovers and they are all booked out during rostiljijada, but I will have to ask. No worries, there is enough time for both Nis and Leskovac
  2. Thanks! Yes, the accomodation options in Nis must be much better than in Leskovac. With such good bus connections to Leskovac, I think it's better to find some nice place in Nis and visit Leskovac by bus.
  3. Oh yes, I understand. Thank you Dragance! Serbia vs. Slovenia sounds like an exciting match. Have to reconsider if it would fit into our plans.
  4. Hello! We are visiting Belgrade that weekend and are wondering whether Red Star or Partizan has home game then. I have tried googling the web, but havent yet found anything. Any ideas? Thank You onuat
  5. Hello! I have some silly questions: - Rostiljijada in Leskovac, does it begin on Monday 6th of September 2010? - How is accomodation in Leskovac during Rostiljijada? Everything booked out? Suggestions for cheap accomodation? Or should we stay in ho(s)tel/motel at Nis? Thank you!