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  1. Thanks for the help i really appreciated
  2. So i can let one of my friends in serbia make me a visiting visa , thats good umm but is it easy to get a visa to Serbia ?
  3. Thanx for replying me in such a short notice .. however i have some other questions now after i knew that i need a visa .. Can one of my friends in Serbia manage to get me visiting visa?? im currently living in Uniter Arab Emirates in Abu dhabi .. do you have an embassy here to contact ?
  4. Dear Serbian Travelers club My name is Wesam and im Egyptian living aboard in united Arab emirates .. i have residence there yet i wanted to come to visit Serbia and seem my friends there ,, and im really confused because i saw on your website that i need visa because im holding a non diplomatic passport .. however my friends there says that after asking some people and the police and all they said that i dont need a visa because im holding a Egyptian passport and i only need to check in with the police with in 24 hours when i arrive .. and they said that there is new rule regarding this iss