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  1. Thanks for the 428/427, I saw it now. I will definitely take it. Well I have two options for crossing Serbia and they look like this: Variant 1 Enter BiH through Bijeljina From Bulgaria to Dimitrovgrad Pirot – 25 km Bela Palanka – 25 km (follow 427) Nis- 52 km Nis- Aleksinac – 32 km (follow 217) Paracin – 50 km Jagodina – 20 km (follow 158) Kragujevac – 36 km Cacak- 55 km (follow 182) Nis-Prokuplje - 29 km (follow 35) 36 km (follow 418) Krusevac – 42 km (from Aleksinac 215) and 60 km (from Prokuplje 216) Kraljevo – 60 km
  2. Thanks for the answer Relja. So I could walk on e80 Pirot-Bela Palanka-Nis for example next to the Park Prirode Sicevacka klisura, along the Nisava river. Its good what you are saying to enter Bosnia through Visegrad, I was thinking of going Sabac-Bijeljina-Tuzla in order to enter from above,but it will depend on the budget and other factors.
  3. Hi, pretty soon I am going to cross Serbia on foot and then continue to Bosnia, Croatia and more. I would appreciate some information from you regarding some concerns I might have. I will start the trip from the Bulgarian border aiming to follow the route Pirot-Nis-Krusevac-Kraljevo-Cacak-Sabac, trying to enter Bosnia from Bijeljina or Brcko (not sure about the checkpoints and border with Srpska ) . As my budget is very small, I will be travelling with a tent and sometimes might use cheap accommodation or couchsurfing if I find in some bigger towns. I have a lot of experience with w
  4. Hi my friends, I am interested in going to Kragujevac. However it looks like there is no hostel to find there. Do you know any cheap accommodation in Kragujevac? The only options appear to be hotels around 25-30 euros. But the city is worth visiting, and I was thinking to go there from many years ago. I don't mind sleeping in a park, but I suspect it wont make good impression for a typical Serbian town to have a foreigner sleeping in a park I would appreciate any info regarding Kragjevac, along with the accommodation ( I am looking for hostel or very cheap hotel,or guesthouse) what is the
  5. Fellas, I just called the Bulgarian railways and if you buy the ticket Sofia-Bratislava is 138.50 levs, around 70 euros... Just to compare Sofia-Belgrade is around 20 euro, and if Belgrade-Budapest is can imagine is 33 so far...and I am sure Budapest - Bratislava or even Belgrade-Bratislava (with the direct train) would be much less thah 37......euros... Railways are strange thing in different countries Cheers
  6. Pretender, thanks for the info. Below I post the stops of this train. And if I buy ticket to Budapest it arrives there 14:45 and 15:25 (Ferencvaros and Keleti). But after I buy ticket to Bratislava do I go with the same train from Belgrad or another train Budapest-Bratislava? Beograd dep 06:48 Novi Beograd dep 06:59 Stara Pazova dep 07:28 Indija dep 07:39 Novi Sad dep 08:36 Vrbas dep 09:20 Backa Topola dep 10:01 Subotica dep 11:28 Kelebia dep 12:10 Kiskunhalas dep 12:41 Soltvadkert dep 1
  7. Dear Serbian Travelers, In few weeks I must go from Sofia to Bratislava by train. And I am thinking that I should buy the tickets separately Sofia-Belgrade and Belgrade-Bratislava, because probably the Bulgarian railways will give me much higher price if I buy it all at once. Still havent checked though. Anyway my questions are regarding the direct train that leaves Belgrade daily and goes directly to Bratislava Hlavna Stanica. Beograd-Bratislava 06:48-18:06 Do you know how much is the price of the ticket? In Serbian dinars or Euros? Can I buy the ticket from Belgrade Station (does