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  1. Do you think, that it is a good idea to go from Beograd to Kladovo by bus at the morning, find a boat tour to Golubac there, and then go back to Beograd by bus from there? Is it possible to make it in one day? And what would you suggest - see the canyon from river up or from mountains down?
  2. I don't think it is a big problem, cause the main thing is to see it
  3. Tahnks a lot for your reply, Dvncan!! Actually, I'm looking for one day tour, to depart from Belgrade in the morning and come back in the evening.. So, you're saying, that I have more chance to find a tour from Donji Milovac?
  4. Or maybe you can tell me about other interesting 1-day guided bus tours from Belgrade? I'd prefer tours to mountains, cause we don't have them in my country..
  5. Actually, we are still thinking to go to Djerdap or Tara national park. Would like to have a guided 1 day tour from Belgrade. Do your local travel agencies provides somtehing, that fits me?
  6. Hello, my serbian friends! I'm going to visit your beautiful country in september, this year. I would really like to visit Djerdap national park. I can't find any 1-day tours to there from Belgrade. Could you advice me some? Maybe there is a better way to get there and see all the beautiful sights? Please note, that I have only 1 day available. It will be Friday, 14th of September.