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  1. i don't speak serbian and i coudn't find in english some departure hours from belgrade to skopje. can someone help me???
  2. hi, thank you for the invitation but i can't accept it. you don't even know me... and i will be in nis only for 5 hours...
  3. ok and one last question is it safe to leave my bag at the bus station for a few hours because i realy want to go and see the city again. thanks again
  4. thank you guys for the information. i was in nis 3 years ago but don't know any serbian language. thanks
  5. thank you, i understand if you are busy, i will call them
  6. nobody knows some departure hours from nis to skopje??? People i need some help here.... Please give me some correct information.
  7. if you don't mind me asking are you from nis? i've been there 3 years ago and i have beautiful memories from there....
  8. i've been to nis is a beautiful city. i have a contact person in skopje wich has to wait for me at the bus station. do you know some departure hours from nis in the afternoon?
  9. Hi i am from romania and i will travel to skopje in a few weeks. Please tell me if there are any buses from nis to skopje. i specially need to know the hours of departure. I am coming to nis with a bus wich arrives at 14.00 pm. Please help me with some information because i coudn't find any on the internet. thanks