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  1. Можно и без ваучера? 1) Едем в Беларусь, ни ваучер ни виза сербам не нужна. 2) Пограничного контроля между Беларусью и Россией точно нет. Выезжать можно и через Украину, но въезжать только через Беларусь. Проблемы вроде не вижу...
  2. СИТИ-СТАР Словакия-Украина-Россия или СИТИ-СТАР Сербия-Румыния-Украина-Россия "Zľava je urcena pre cestujucich medzi Slovenskom a Ceskou republikou, Bieloruskom, Ruskom, Ukrajinou, Nemeckom, Rakuskom, Svajciarskom Greckom, Chorvatskom, Bulharskom, Rumunskom, Slovinskom, Macedonskom, Srbskom a Ciernou Horou." "vozne karte po ponudi CITY STAR u saobraćaju sa Češkom, Slovačkom, Rusijom i Ukrajino
  3. да, см. броj 5-6 Гори = место рождения "Сосо" (Иоссеб Бессарионис Дзе Джугашвили)
  4. It was honestly well beyond my expectation. But as I see, you are a "Sakartvelo-pro". I was really surprised for the quick answer. Thanks! That was really cool how you did. Always wanted to go there, but it was too close and we postponed year-after-year. The sister of my granddad actually rented her apartment near Belorusskiy Vokzal to a couple from G. They asked us to visit them, but as it usually happens, you do not value what is close until it is not to late. In 80-s our first venture to the "Capitalist West" was "YU" So it's how we got "hooked up" since. But at least we did the
  5. The 9) is "Nino", obviously "she", not "he" Monastery is "Svetitshoveli", not "Studenica". And a girl from CG was p***ed off at 10)... protesting, it's not "used" but still "is". I said: "hopefully not just is but also will remain - however, precisely, THAT is the point because the country you mean is ruled out" Otherwise .gif' alt='::'>
  6. OK, recently I created a very mean contest on a travel forum. One girl from N.Sad did answer it correctly. My wife also did. all others did fail, overlooked some minor detals and named a wrong country. Some forum members even got little bit p**ed off first... than laughed hysterically /see Nr. 10/ later. I would say, I was very mean-spirited as I made it. Here it is....Again, I created is with intent to fool people as hard as possible. Somewhere in Europe there is a region pronounced somewhat like 'Rash'/'Rasha'/'Rashka'". It's inside of a country... And all this is true (honestly!) abo
  7. Поздрав свима, Перехожу на русский - в сербском не силён :'( Есть чудесный билет "СИТИСТАР" Словакия-Украина-Россия. Есть и похожий билет СИТИСТАР Сербия-Румыния-Украина-Россия "CITY STAR je ponuda za prevoz putnika prema kojoj se izdaju vozne karte s povlasticom za putovanja u odlasku i povratku u saobraćaju između Srbije s jedne strane i Austrije, Češke, Hrvatske, Rumu