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  1. Can anyone please verify... I called autoskola 'semafor' in Spens, Novi Sad and inquired about studying for the driving licence... I was told that as a foreign citizen, I cannot obtain Serbian Driving Licence (even though I'm studying here and I have a visa'! Is this true!? Please advise
  2. Hi!!! Please advice, which 'Autoskola' do you recommend in Novi Sad -How much does it cost (min.-max.)? -How long does it take? -Is the exam difficult? -What documents are needed? Thanks
  3. yeah sure, i understand, but all I did is ask about the fastest possible way to get a licence...! anyway thanx... i found a post on expat.org.yu on the same subject...
  4. hey, i posted a question on the forum... and wham! it's disappeared! many the admin. deleted it? because I wanted to know how to obtain a driver's licence... in not a very legal way... anyway... hope it was just removed temp. for the moderator to ok it! mod.