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  1. Hi. Back from Novi Sad... Nice city, actually nothing "unmissable" there but atmosphere is really nice with these pedestrian streets, great cafes, a lot of animation in the streets... I was impressed by the fortress and how it is in such a good shape. The view is great up there as is having a cofee on the terrasse... Slept in Downtown hostel, which was ok. Excellent location but the lack of lock on the door of the room was not so nice. But I paid really cheap money so it was excellent value actually... Had a diner in Balkan Express thanks to Cruela's advice. Great food, enormous portions, l
  2. Marko --> the best cevape I've ever had were on a road side restaurant (if you can call a kiosk with 2 tables a restaurant...) in Derventa in Republika Srpska. The cleanest thing in this restaurant was... me. If there is something I don't take seriously is people telling me cevape are bad hvala svima za pomoc!!!
  3. Thanks for the french cultural center tip... it would have been great to check the exhibition. And being french myself, I'm always curious to see how our cultural centers look like. I will only be in Novi Sad tomorrow around 1 pm at best... Until when is it open on saturday? here in Zagreb it's until 2 pm. So if it's approx. the same I might be able to check. Can someone tell me what is a Karadordeviceva snitzla (not sure about writing but you propably get the point)? Everybody is telling me to eat this in Novi Sad...
  4. panonski --> I can't figure out how the prices can go from 150 dinars to 300 for the same trip... anyway... thanks a lot! cruela --> thanks for the tips.
  5. Hi, I'm coming in Novi Sad for the week end and was wondering if any one of you Novi Saders could give me some good tips/adresses about the city. Bars, serbian restaurants, grill (where can I eat the best cevape in Novi Sad for instance, hehehe)? I'm coming from Zagreb by train to Ruma and then from Ruma to Novi Sad by bus. They told me at NS tourist office that there are several buses between Ruma and NS and that it takes 30/45 mn. Can you tell me about the frequency of these buses (or a link to the timetable) - as I am a bit afraid to be bloqued in Ruma for hours... Thanks a lot. xav PS