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  1. Thanks for all your input Putniks! Overall, I've eaten well especially when I go to the grills.
  2. Greetings, Travel plans have changed since I first posted on my other thread. I'll be going to these places instead: Novi SadUziceNisLeskovacVranjeBelgradeQuite often, there are well-regarded restaurants known to local folks that may not be on the tourist radar. I'm not looking for fine dining but reasonably priced, local food and drink. If you don't mind sharing, please post your favorites here.
  3. Wisdom. Thanks for the advice. I've got some other questions but I think I'll start another thread since it's no longer about bus transport.
  4. Duya, I've booked a trip with the transfer service I linked to, and they promise to inform me the day before if they have a shared transfer. Can you also let me know which service you use? If they don't have a shared transfer on my arrival date, I'll have to scramble to find another pickup. All, Can I assume there are ATM machines in the arrival hall of BEG?
  5. I'm thinking of traveling to Novi Sad from the airport and there doesn't seem to be any direct buses. Has anybody had experience with this shared transfer service?: http://www.autoturist-ns.com/en/home/transportation-belgrade-airport-novi-sad-belgrade-airport/
  6. Questions about the Nis spa: Is there a single spa or several?How do you get into the spa for a massage, just walk in?
  7. Thanks for the advice! I've been reading some of the other topics in this forum and there was a post on "off the beaten path" destinations: https://www.klubputnika.org/forum/topic/2978-off-the-beaten-path-places/ which showed a link to such places. But the link does not work! Can someone direct me to a working link? Some more questions: How reliable is Studenica dormitory accommodation? Some of the previous posters report that the email does not work or they got no response.Are there any volunteers to roll out the red carpet and show me around your town?
  8. Greetings, My plan is to fly into Belgrade then travel by bus to the following places (tentative): •Belgrade •Novi Sad •Valjevo •Uzice •Nis •Belgrade I have a question about bus travel within Serbia. Can I travel easily by bus from town to town outside of Belgrade, i.e., Belgrade - Novi Sad - Valjevo •Uzice •Nis •Belgrade (without backtracking); or do I have to back track to Belgrade each time because it is the hub, i.e., Belgrade - Novi Sad - Belgrade - Valjevo etc.? I ask this question because I've been to places where bus networks operate on a hub system where outlying towns do not have fr