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Where to start: Low budget travel in the Balkans, all winter!

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Hi guys!

First of all, you don't know how much I was happy to discover a travel community that is mainly based in the Balkans!

Even if it's not all translate, I found so much information yet, and the travel house seemed really nice :)

So there I am: I'm making the classic year gap of travelling in between my studies, in arts and human sciences.

No long-term visa, no return ticket, almost no cash, but fully-convinced there's a way to make it, with creativity and good preparation!

There's so much beautiful people out there, so much great things to see, so I'll give it a try :)

Without long-term Schengen visa,  I have to exile for a while, but that's just a way to keep moving on and travel!

I'm coming to Athens in a week, will stay there for a week by a nice CS host who seems full of ressources and I'll check what's the best option for what's coming up next.

I was thinking about making my choice only then, because I wanted to talk first to locals or people who knew better the Balkans; web posts are sometimes just not enough, too general. So I'm asking you where to start, what and where are the good plans for me!

  • I'm open and curious for any country not in the Schengen zone. I prefer to keep on moving and discovering, but I have plenty of time and can easily stay in a place in between 5 days to 3-4 weeks.
  • I really have to think about making some money for living. Volunteering and receiving shelter and food is totally nice, but I still want to go around and to enjoy life. There's also my basics fees, like credits for phone, insurances and payment of my student debt! 
  • I love both wild country sides and cities, I want to explore beautiful landscapes, to visit cultural and historical sites, to enjoy local life, to discover nice people.

As you see, it's open, so your ideas/contacts are welcome, and also any advice, must-know about travelling in the Balkans, social facts, etc.

Thank you! :spot:


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It's hard to answer your question because it is - you said it yourself - too general, and I guess nobody feels like typing an essay :) Have you managed to narrow down your options? 

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I just booked a hostel Pirate once rated 9.6 on a beach for 9 euro for Aug 16 in  Ulsinj Montenegro when I read Serbia is landlocked

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Yes, Serbia doesn't have a sea.

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