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  1. Thank you, Ivana! I'm not registered in couchsurfing, but I know that resource. I won't go alone, so It's better to use some hostel I think if there are any in Negotin, of course...
  2. Valjevo? Cool, thank you, man! Actually I want to explore Serbia to find a good place to live. I'm fed up with that glamourous overloaded in all senses moscow, I want to move.
  3. I've bought already a t-shirt labeled "КОСОВО JЕ СРБИJА", shall I remove it before going to K?
  4. ;D одлична идеjа!
  5. Hi everybody. I'm going to Srbija on September 24th to October 13th, so now i'm trying to make a roadmap. I decided that I will visit Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, Kraguevac, Nis and maybe Negotin. I have some thoughts on visiting Kosovo, but I'm not sure about safety and I'm not sure that there are a lot of stuff to see. And one more thing... where should I say that i'm russian and where I'd better avoid that? :-\ P.S. You can reply on both english or serbian. Hvala upredu