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  1. In case anyone's interested in how we got on... We decided to try the Beocin route since it seemed the most foolproof (difficult to miss our stop since it's the last one, and easy to find the monestary since it's on a road). On Saturday we leisurely made our way to the local bus station up by the train station and met up with some friends who wanted to join us. Only thing is, the bus to Beocin had just left about 5 minutes before, and the next one wasn't for nearly two hours!! So we went to Plan B and took a bus to Sr. Karlovci instead, thinking we could get advice from the tourist informatio
  2. - We're getting the train from Belgrade, this isn't the same train is it.hahah, no! Budapest and Belgrade are two separate cities in opposite directions from Novi Sad! Our train will eventually go through Belgrade on its way to Sofia, but not in the direction you'll want. The Budapest - Novi Sad train takes about 6 hours and is overnight, which means if you want a bed or coucheette to sleep in, you need to pay a supplement. The train from Belgrade - Novi Sad is about 2 hours, which isn't even enough for a cat nap. Don't worry, you'll be fine.
  3. There's certainly a point if you're taking the train from Budapest like we are, because the conductors ONLY accept Euros for the couchette/bed supplements, which we found out the hard way last year! (even though neither Hungary nor Serbia use Euros, the train starts in Vienna so the Austrian conductors only accept Euros, or if you ask reeeeeally nicely, they may accept pounds) Otherwise, they're just going to be our "padding money" this year just in case the worst happens and our cards get lost or stolen, we'll still have cash in a readily changeable currency so we don't starve. The train st
  4. OP, I live in London and this'll be our second EXIT. We also tried to get dinar before the festival last year, but were told it was impossible even to order them from Barclays. As it turned out, we were worrying for no reason - there's cashpoints everywhere in Novi Sad and Belgrade, and I (with Visa) and my boyfriend (with Switch/Maestro) had no problems using our cards in any machines or shops while we were there. Though my coworker just mentioned today that last year he had problems finding machines that would take his Maestro card, so draw your own conclusions. We're going to rely mostly o
  5. oh, thank you both so much! That's exactly the kind of responses I was hoping for, but couldn't find anywhere else! I'm going to print this and bring it with me. I enjoy hiking around rural England on the weekends, so as long as it's not 40 degrees on Saturday, I think this looks like the perfect day trip... thanks again!
  6. Hiya. My boyfriend and I are going back to Novi Sad this week for the EXIT festival (can't wait!!) and this year we were thinking about trying to go see the Fruska Gora National Park and maybe see some of the monestaries there. Is there any way to get there from Novi Sad via public transport? Or if that's impossible, does anyone know of a tour guide that'll take us around? We would really rather not hire a car. thanks!