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  1. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    It was only when she got home and replaced her phone that she saw the barrage of messages from even more half siblings. They had found her on Facebook, she realized, after searching for the username linked to her account. Her husband had given her a DNA test for Christmas because she was interested in genealogy. Her heritage turned out to be exactly what she had thought—Scottish, with English, Irish, and Scandinavian mixed in—and she never bothered to click on the link that would show whether anyone on the site shared her DNA.
  2. Lazar

    Zivot i rad u Kini

    Ovih dana astrill. Mada ima perioda kad je jezivo loš, po sat vremena mi treba da se nakačim. Što se interneta tiče, otkad sam u Kini imam osećaj da sam se vratio u 1998. Najbolje je imati i express i astrill pa onda kad koji radi.
  3. Nažalost, ni ove godine ništa od toga.
  4. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    Kazakhstan has given its capital city a brand new name Travellers heading to the capital city of Kazakhstan will no longer be on a plane to Astana. The country made a surprise announcement today that it would rename its capital to Nursultan in honour of its former president.
  5. Lazar

    Malo pitanja u vezi sa Iranom

    Šta je sa onom agencijom koju su ranije svi koristili za pozivnicu za iransku vizu? Pisano je ranije o tome u temi Viza za Iran. Jeste da su postovi stariji ali iskustva su bila pozitivna a agencija, sudeći po sajtu, i dalje radi. Ako već kažu da se mora aplicirati preko agencije...
  6. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    Maslenitsa is an ancient ceremony—a farewell to winter celebrated since pagan times in the Slavic regions of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and other countries. Maslenitsa, or Pancake Week, is both a folk and religious holiday tied to Shrovetide, the carnival before Lent. Some traditional festivities include the burning of effigies of “Lady Maslenitsa,” family visits, snowball fights, and the cooking and eating of blini, pancakes, or crepes. Below, some images of Maslenitsa this year from Russia, Belarus, and Kyrgyzstan.
  7. Lazar

    Rezultati konkursa 2019.

    Počinjemo za koji dan. Stay tuned
  8. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    A new phenomenon has become a hot topic on Chinese social media these days. ‘Kua kua’ groups (夸夸群) are chat groups where people share some things about themselves – even if they are negative things – and where other people will always tell them how great they are, no matter what. Kua kua groups (夸 ‘kuā‘ literally means ‘praise’) have become all the rage in China. People seem to love them for the mere fact that it makes them feel good about themselves. The format is clear. Person A tells about something that is on their minds, and asks people for positive feedback. Person B, C, and D will then come forward and tell them how good or pretty they are, sometimes based on their profile photo.
  9. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    Traveling around Africa was once considered unsafe, costly, and lacking in variety. There were the usual places to visit and the usual things to do: safari in Kenya, pyramids in Egypt, and river rafting in Zambia or Zimbabwe (depending on which side of Victoria Falls you live on). But young African innovators and diaspora entrepreneurs are turning people’s desire to see a “different side of Africa” into a business.
  10. Lazar

    DV Lutrija 2019

    Imamo ovde dosta informacija o tome, pročitaj, možda ti bude korisno: Američka zelena karta - lutrija
  11. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    Hundreds of people in Mexico are kidnapped every year. And the problem’s getting worse. It’s part of a trend experts refer to as the “democratization” of kidnapping.
  12. Lazar

    Zivot i rad u Kini

    Trebalo bi da postoji nekakvo udruženje sudskih tumača. Možda nešto ovako:
  13. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    Bill and Melinda Gates Are Paying Off Nigeria’s $76 Million Debt to Japan As some leaders are increasing their focus on issues solely within their own borders, Bill and Melinda Gates continue to show the importance of looking outward — and they’ve demonstrated this yet again by announcing they will settle Nigeria’s $76 million debt to Japan.
  14. Lazar

    Regionalni nagradni konkurs "Spasimo putopis"

    Čitamo Stiglo je mnogo ali pri kraju smo. Biće rezultati najkasnije 15. marta
  15. Lazar

    Regionalni nagradni konkurs "Spasimo putopis"

    Možeš li preformulisati pitanje tako da bude jasnije