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  1. Lazar

    Divlji gradovi: nova knjiga Kluba putnika!

    Promocija knjige "Divlji gradovi" u Beogradu, u nedelju 17. novembra. Ima i fejsbuk event.
  2. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    As it turns out, a language’s grammatical gender can have significant and surprising effects on cognition. In one study, for example, Russian speakers were asked to personify the days of the week. They consistently personified the grammatically masculine days (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) as males and the grammatically feminine days (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) as females. When asked why they did this, they were unable to explain themselves.
  3. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    Photography is all about light — something that’s hard to come by in winter when you live in Murmansk, the world’s largest city above the Arctic Circle. Add to that subzero temperatures and biting cold wind blowing from the Arctic Ocean, and you’ve got unpleasant shooting conditions for your average urban photographer. For Serj Ius, -38ºC isn’t all that bad. Born in Murmansk, he has been documenting his hometown since 2000.
  4. Lazar

    Bezbednost na putovanju

    Naišao sam na ovu zanimljivu mapu bezbednosti na putovanjima: Može se kliknuti na "medical", "security" i "road safety".
  5. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    Across Russia, hundreds of small towns have been abandoned in the past 20 years. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost jobs and homes after their town's main industry collapsed. The future of more than 300 single-industry towns hangs in the balance. The race is on to try to save them.
  6. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    Kevin Cazad has never been to China. Born and raised in California, the 31-year-old works as an IT support technician at an Amazon warehouse. Yet the young American has been the subject of dozens of Chinese media articles over the past two years. The reason is a post Cazad shared on the forum of WuxiaWorld — a popular website that translates Chinese fiction into English — about how his newfound love of martial arts epics had helped him beat a cocaine habit. “WuxiaWorld took up all my time and I was able to forget about wanting any drugs,” he wrote.
  7. Lazar

    Divlji gradovi: nova knjiga Kluba putnika!

    Hvala na komplimentu! Prijatno je znati da se nekome dopalo, onda imam osećaj da sav taj posao nije bio baš sasvim uzalud
  8. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    Twenty-five years after apartheid, black people cannot live and work in this small South African city.
  9. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    Since the airport’s opening in 1995, there have been endless rumors and theories. People say our underground tunnels lead to secret meeting facilities for the world’s elite. Our blue horse is thought to be cursed. Some believe we are connected to the new world order and the freemasons. Some people even say that we are home to a colony of lizard people.
  10. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    Active volcanoes fascinate and frighten simultaneously. They bring life as well as death. Observing them is an absolute must – if you’re seeking to combine an admiration for the beauty and power of nature with a shiver of emotion and a pinch of fear. Polish blogger and traveller Hanna Bora has done it herself, and prepared a short guide for us based on her travels.
  11. Lazar

    Viza za Srbiju

    Moraš mu slati pozivno pismo, najverovatnije na adresu srpske ambasade u Kairu. Onda će te pozvati na razgovor u policiju, da ispitaju koliko si bliska sa osobom koju pozivaš, u kakvim ste odnosima, gde ste se upoznali itd. Nakon svega toga, postoje dobre šanse da će viza biti odbijena, posebno sad s obzirom na migrantsku krizu.
  12. Lazar

    Rusija - ostanak po isteku vize

    Ova diskusija je zagazila u književnost
  13. Lazar

    Egipat u januaru

    Ja sam se kupao u decembru, bilo je baš toplo, a na plaži nigde nikog. Ali ne znam da li je svake godine tako toplo.
  14. Lazar

    Divlji gradovi: nova knjiga Kluba putnika!

    Ako neko od forumaša ima nalog na Goodreads, koristilo bi nam da klikne na one zvezdice tamo
  15. Lazar

    Zanimljivi članci

    In the 1980s, illegal blood donation stations moved into rural areas of Henan province in central China and offered to pay for blood. These operations extracted plasma, then sold it on to institutional buyers. For the peasants in villages like Wenlou, this was a quick and easy way to make money. But these illegal stations were often run with a negligent approach to hygiene and sterilization. The result was an AIDS epidemic that tore through the community and still lives on today.