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  1. Zanimljivi članci

    Over 100,000 Chinese millionaires have moved to Vancouver, sparking everything from a reality show to a property boom making housing unaffordable. Dateline asks if the millionaire migrants are a blessing or curse.
  2. Zanimljivi članci

    The love-seeking route usually started at a European capital, most commonly London and Amsterdam, and continued all the way through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Turkey and from there to the Middle East. The final station was usually Nepal, with a prolonged stay in India, and many were going even farther to Thailand and Vietnam.
  3. Zanimljivi članci

    With all sorts of people and places waiting to be discovered, a simple map can be a great way to show us how we’re all connected. From which countries consume the most booze to those that have the most sex per week, and which country wields the most powerful passport, these glorious, beautiful and NSFW (some, not all) maps will teach you something you may not have known about the rather brilliant world we inhabit.
  4. Zanimljivi članci

    What you need to know about khat—East Africa's favorite drug.
  5. Zanimljivi članci

    When the genetic engineering technology CRISPR arrived on the scene in 2012, promising to make genetic engineering simpler, faster and cheaper, it galvanized an already simmering hobbyist niche of DIY scientists who sought to try their hands at genetically modifying plants, insects, animals, and even humans. ... Then earlier this year, he infused his skin cells with green fluorescent protein from a jellyfish in an attempt to make his skin glow. The experiment failed to successfully turn him into a living nightlight, but a skin biopsy revealed that at least briefly the protein was replicating within his body, making him in all likelihood the first human-jellyfish hybrid. The experiment I was there to witness was even more extreme.
  6. Zanimljivi članci

    Sajt i FB stranica koju vode dve devojke iz Pekinga, preporučujem: Two Girl’s Adventure into China’s Marriage Market: Marriage-material Style: How China’s Young Females Hunt Husbands Through Self-Betterment:
  7. Zivot i rad u Kini

    Odmah posle kineske nove godine je idealno za traženje posla.
  8. Zanimljivi članci

    Some Americans have unknowingly adopted Chinese babies taken from their parents and sold to orphanages.
  9. Zanimljivi članci

    The Magyarab are a people living along the Nile River in Egypt and Sudan. They are of Hungarian ancestry, probably dating back to the late 16th century. They were not discovered by Europeans until 1935, when László Almásy, himself Hungarian, and his co-worker, the German engineer and explorer Hans Joachim von der Esch, happened upon the tribe in the Nubian region.
  10. Zanimljivi članci

    The most vivid critique of the ICC and other U.S.-supported war crimes tribunals of recent decades is that they are victor’s justice of a sort. The foreigners who face trial tend to be ones who made the mistake of committing their crimes without the backing of the U.S., or against the interests of the United States. The critique goes further than that — if you happen to be from a powerful country that committed war crimes that the U.S. did not support — let’s say, Russian forces in Chechnya — you will not face an international court because your leaders have enough clout to stifle the residual moral reflexes of Washington and Brussels at the United Nations. It is only small countries that have to hand over their thugs.
  11. Zanimljivi članci

    On November 25, 1970, the celebrated author Mishima Yukio shocked Japan with his ritual suicide.
  12. Zanimljivi članci

    For centuries, Europeans who could read did so aloud. The ancient Greeks read their texts aloud. So did the monks of Europe’s dark ages. As late as the 1700s, historian Robert Darnton writes, “For the common people in early modern Europe, reading was a social activity. It took place in workshops, barns, and taverns. It was almost always oral but not necessarily edifying.
  13. Zanimljivi članci

    How did Andrew Anglin go from being an antiracist vegan to the alt-right’s most vicious troll and propagandist—and how might he be stopped?
  14. Zanimljivi članci

    Being stuck without access to the internet is often thought of as a problem only for rural America. But even in some of America’s biggest cities, a significant portion of the population can’t get online. Take Detroit, where 40 percent of the population has no access to the internet—of any kind, not only high speed—at home, according to the Federal Communications Commission. Seventy percent of school-aged children in the city are among those who have no internet access at home.