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Zdravo everyone!  :mrgreen:

Me and my wife, travellers from Ukaine, plan to visit Serbia (and Montenegro) next March (I know it's not soon, but I like to be prepared in advance :)

We'll have 2 weeks of time, and would like to visit not only well-known places, but also places that might be not so well known, but still remarkable. Villages, small towns, national parks... We want to feel the spirit of Balkans!

And would like to ask for advice on what places to visit... looks like there is not much such info on the internets, so it would be good to hear from real people :)

Also, we'll be using public transportation (or  :stop:) and limited in budget  :yok: so the places should not be too distant.

You can reply in Serbian, I understand but do not speak

Hvala upredu!

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so the places should not be too distant.

Monasteris... U do not need any money to see them. Studenica, Mileseva, Crna Reka... National parks  is also free to visit. Djerdap. See him first it is on you vay from Ukraine...

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As for Montenegro, it is a small country so it would not be problem to see a lot for a week.

My recommendation for coastal area is Bay of Kotor, with old town Kotor, Perast, and Herceg Novi, then Sveti Stefan and old towns of Bar and Ulcinj( Ada Bojana is also nice to see:)))))) and Budva.

There are many monasteries in the coastal area and the most famous are Savina monastery near Herceg Novi and Podmaine near Budva.

In the continental area, my recommendation is national parks.Lovćen( try to find transportation from Kotor to Lovćen, the view is beautiful:))), and visit Lovćen mausoleum), Durmitor and Tara canyon (skiing and rafting are good:))), Biogradska gora, and Skadar lake (Rijeka Crnojevića settlement) are all worth visiting, then Ostrog monastery which is the largest pilgrimage in Balkans, Cetinje which is historical capital of Montenegro and if you like winter sports you can visit also Bjelasica Mountain and town Kolašin, and near is Morača monastery, founded in 1252.Also you might consider visiting Cave Vražji firovi situated at Đalovića klisura, near Bijelo Polje. Anyway you should check out these sites



Of course, if you like to experience the life of capital, and to feel the life of the city, then it would be good to visit Podgorica, and to go out in the evening (there is a good choice of clubs) and also to try some national cuisine, although there are very good restaurants in the coastal area as well as in mountain centers.

Шановні православні і слов'янські брати і сестри, Ласкаво просимо до Сербії і Чорногорії!!!

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