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Novi Sad & Belgrad

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Hi, my and my friend going to do hitchhikinh trip to Turkey and our route leads through Serbia :)

We would like to make a stop in serbia twice, on our way Bratislava Sofia, and Sofia Bratislava a few days later.  We would be grateful for advices about hh spot in Novi Sad and Belgrad. We're quite afraid that hh from Belgrad may be difficult considering how big city is, so mayby it's batter to choose Novi Sad twice?

Greetings from Poland


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We are working on project called autostoper?s guide through Srbija here on this forum. The work is in progress and I will translate you some snippets from it.

Let?s start from Novi Sad :

You should take the bus no 5 from the centre of the city and travel to its terminal. (Also you can take bus no 32 and get off near Rodic megamarket.) Keep walking down the same road (it?s Temerin road) and you will see highway (or something like that, I?m not sure if it IS highway on that point, the work is in progress). That?s E75 and Beograd is way right.

Yes, Beograd IS a bit difficult to autostop the way south from.

As you can see on the map, highway E75 goes through Beograd. You ought take bus no 31 from center of the city or 17 from Novi Beograd, go to their terminal (that place is called Konjarnik) and take a short walk the way right, to reach the (other side of) highway. You can try autostoping on that point, but it sucks, because the traffic is still too heavy. You can also walk to the next petrol station and try there. The pay toll is located about 7 kms :-( from that place down the highway.

Maybe it?s better to visit Beograd on your way back because it?s easier (my expirience) to autostop from Beograd way north. In that case, you should take bus no 706 from center of Beograd (terminal called Zeleni Venac, c is real latin c, like in word centuria), or 73 from Novi Beograd, or any of them from Zemun; go outside Zemun, to the entrance of next town (called Batajnica). At Batajnica entrance you will see viaduct, and that viaduct is highway E75. You?ll take direction right, of course.

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