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Kragujevac and other questions

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Hi my friends,

I am interested in going to Kragujevac. However it looks like there is no hostel to find there. Do you know any cheap accommodation in Kragujevac? The only options appear to be hotels around 25-30 euros. But the city is worth visiting, and I was thinking to go there from many years ago. I don't mind sleeping in a park, but I suspect it wont make good impression for a typical Serbian town to have a foreigner sleeping in a park  ;D

I would appreciate any info regarding Kragjevac, along with the accommodation ( I am looking for hostel or very cheap hotel,or guesthouse) what is the situation with the transport?

I prefer to travel with train to Kragujevac but it looks very difficult to find one. Read that the way is to change in Lapovo.

And one more thing in case some of you know about the Balkan Flexipass. There is an offer in the Bulgarian Railways if you are under 26 for 5 days you get unlimited travel, you chose your own days for 50 euro all. I am still 25 although I will make 26 in 20 days, but was thinking to get this pass and use it. Hope it won't be a problem to use it even after I am 26 since I bought it 25.  

One more thing in some english language sources it says that you cant use it if you are from (resident of)  Bulgaria,Serbia,Bosnia,Croatia,Romania,Greece you know anything about it? Probably is meant only for those who buy it from this english speaking website eurorail or something.

Much obliged for all you know.


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