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Very mean challenge: name the country

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OK, recently I created a very mean contest on a travel forum.  :evil:

One girl from N.Sad did answer it correctly. My wife also did. all others did fail, overlooked some minor detals and named a wrong country. Some forum members even got little bit p**ed off first... than laughed hysterically /see Nr. 10/ later. I would say, I was very mean-spirited as I made it. Here it is....Again, I created is with intent to fool people as hard as possible.  ::crazy:

Somewhere in Europe there is a region pronounced somewhat like 'Rash'/'Rasha'/'Rashka'". It's inside of a country...

And all this is true (honestly!) about the country:

1) In the native language it begins with the sound "S", there is also "A" and "E" in the word.

2) It is in Europe, the capital of the country has a "B" sound.

3) The language native script is not latin, but there is a latin transcription which become increasingly popular.

4) The country is close to a sea - it used to have a large shoreline until well...some political changes did happen.

5) It was ruled by a ruthless communist dictator whose given name was equivalent to "Josephus". He was rather known by his nom-de-guerre tough. His nome-de-guerre has a "T" inside.

6) He was the native of that country. 

7) The country itself also was belonging to a much larger country - but that also fell apart recently

8 ) Orthodox Christian faith is typical for the country. The country is fully loaded with Orthodox monasteries. One of the most important monasteries, founded by important local saint begins with "S".

9) The name of important saint connected to above monastery has only four letters, she is the most important saint.  :angel:

10) That country used to border Albania

So far so good. I could continue the list with other things but it's OK for now. ALL what I did say above is 100% true. Be careful. Now the challenge (besides naming the country): What is the full name of the dictator "Josephus" I did mention before?

Hints (because otherwise I think, it's an unfair challenge, too mean-spirited):

a) I was born and went to school in Russia. As a schoolkid I did read "War and Peace" from Tolstoy in Russian. But I cannot read even the name of that country.  :'(

B) The map of United States of America will help to name the country

c) If unsure, read 6), 9) and 10) over and over.  One country in Europe will be immediately ruled out.  zvizhd


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The 9) is "Nino", obviously "she", not "he"  ;D

Monastery is "Svetitshoveli", not "Studenica".

And a girl from CG was p***ed off  :psuje:  at 10)... protesting, it's not "used" but still "is". I said: "hopefully not just is but also will remain - however, precisely, THAT is the point because the country you mean is ruled out"   lol::

Otherwise   clap.gif' alt=':clap:'>

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It was honestly well beyond my expectation. But as I see, you are a "Sakartvelo-pro".

I was really surprised for the quick answer. Thanks!

That was really cool how you did.

Always wanted to go there, but it was too close and we postponed year-after-year. The sister of my granddad actually rented her apartment near Belorusskiy Vokzal to a couple from G. They asked us to visit them, but as it usually happens, you do not value what is close until it is not to late.

In 80-s our first venture to the "Capitalist West"   gent was "YU"  :LOLLL:

So it's how we got "hooked up" since. But at least we did the "right thing" going places outside of where a usual "coast-line tourist" would go.

Than we went to China many times. And Sakartvelo got neglected.

By end of 80-s it was not really a tourism time: kids, things around us begun rapidly fall apart and we found ourself ultimately live in a place we never wanted to live permanently (see my profile). It's funny, we discussed many times where would we live outside of "Socialist Camp". САД was the last we considered - of course we landed up there just because of job offer. But at least we got great experience!

2008 will be going back and hopefully more than that. So maybe Sakartvelo will be on our agenda again.

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