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Subotica - Pecs

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Does anyone know if there is either a direct train or a bus from Subotica to Pecs (Hungary), and how often it runs? The only other way i can see between the two places is train via Budapest, which is miles out of the way!

Thanx.  klanj::

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I've had a guest that headed to Pecs after visiting Novi Sad, and we were searching for the direct or in any way not complicated transport for him, and...

What happened is that we figured out that the least painful way to get to Pecs is to go via Budapest. U have to change transoprt only once (from Subotica to Budapest takes less than 5 hours and from Budapest U can get to any part of Hungary relatively easy).

As I remeber back then , there were no buses going straight from Subotica to Pecs. 

There was one direct bus to Pecs going from Sombor, but as I know it's not operating for at least two years...

There is possibility for U to go to Szeged (there are buses from Subotica, Novi Sad , and ofc train)  or to Kecskemet, and try to get to Pecs from there, but U'll have to deal with changing buses and trains...

Maybe U can try doing it via Croatia.


Good luck


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