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Tara and Mokra Gora(Drvengrad).

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Hello everyone! :)

In July,  10 days I'll be living in Belgrade and Novi Sad. I would also like to visit the National Park Tara and Mokra Gora (Drvengrad). But I'm afraid to go there alone, because I'm an inexperienced traveler and I'm afraid to get los there (I know it sounds funny  :D). Is there a one-day or two-day trips to those  places from Belgrade or Novi Sad?

Thank you.

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This forum is inhabited by folks who organize their travel all on their own (or, more often, just hit the road without organizing anything) :), so asking for an agency is generally frowned upon.

However, since you're a foreigner and we should be hospitable, you'll be forgiven this time. :)

These folks organize 1- and 2-day tours in the vicinity, so you should give them a call:

They're from Bajina Bašta, and these excursions mostly start there; to get there from Belgrade is relatively easy by bus:〈=en (rd=weekday)

If you change your mind about the destination, these folks have some interesting tours around Belgrade and Novi Sad under reasonable prices (however, I don't see English on their web site):

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