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Travel tips in Serbia :)

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Hey guys!

I'm planning to travel around Serbia for a few days before heading to Bucharest, Romania. I would appreciate some local tips for places of interest in Serbia.

Besides, since it's a little difficult to get information about the transportation there, it would be nice to know the options (with price range and duration) to get to Bucharest from Belgrade.

Looking forward to your replies :)


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Well, "tips for places of interest in Serbia" is a bit too broad question to be succinctly answered. We actually have a (dated and not best maintained) section:


which is well hidden from the main menu, I'm not sure on purpose or accidentally (@Chivitli?). Do you have anything more specific in mind? How many are those "few days"?


Bucharest and Belgrade are possibly the two most distant capitals of Europe, in terms of time and hassle required to get from one to another :(. The best option is by train from Belgrade via Vršac and Timisoara. I'll try to ping RaxCherrych, our train expert, although he hasn't been active recently:



Za Rail-Plus ne znam, pozovi ili mail pošalji (, rade od utorka zbog praznika. Da, tako nekako izađe.

Što se tiče vozova i rezervacija. Vozovi su na tom pravcu dobri. Do Vršca vozi novi ruski voz, od Vršca to Temišvara rumunski Siemens (malo su mu tvrda sedišta, ali nije to duga relacija) i od Temišvara do Bukurešta je fin voz. Za Beograd Dunav - Vršac i Vršac - Temišvar ne možeš uzeti rezervaciju jer su u pitanju lokalni vozovi i tu samo sedneš na slobodno mesto. Za Temišvar - Bukurešt je rezervacija sedišta obavezna i ona košta 3 EUR u Beogradu ili oko 1 EUR u Rumuniji. Možda je najbolje da za Temišvar - Bukurešt uzmeš u Beogradu da bi osigurao mesto, a za povratak možeš u Bukureštu.



International rail reservations and purchases are best made in Putnik agency, They've just relocated to Dragoslava Jovanovića, 13, Belgrade, just across the Parliament.

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